How to use our pigments

Special brush for pigments

You can think a lot about methods of applying pigments, but it is impossible to make it easier than with a special brush for pigments! Just type a pigment on the brush, apply on the eyelid by applicative movements and that's all! You can buy it here.

Crema shadow
Very easy method. Now almost every girl has this product in her beautician. Pigments are easily applies to it and perfectly reveals the color, providing durable makeup for the whole day. You can buy it here.
Gel eyeliner

The most stable and the most reliable method. Using a gel eyeliner you are totally "squeeze out" the color of pigments. However, without preparation this method could be quite difficult for a beginner, because you need to work very quickly with eyeliner, until it is still sticky.

Glitter base

It is easy to apply in the case of glitter base, which is recently become extremely popular among makeup artists. When your makeup is finished, you can put a drop of means on desired place which you want to emphasize and highlight with the help of pigments and apply your favourite shade. It will not spoil your makeup, but the pigment will "stick".